Build relevant and dynamic responses to your problems and challenges

My coaching will take you, in a structured way, out of your current familiar patterns and responses and help you reach new life and professional experiences. To do that, I will help you activate and harness your unconscious resources, call into question your former "understandings."


Learn the practical models of NLP and New Code NLP


20 years of experience in/with the biggest management consulting firms



15+ years experience in business consulting and coaching ; NLP New Code expertise

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  • Guillemette

    "In order to help me cope with the requirements of my new job of projects director, my boss offered me to work with David. After discovering the NLP change protocols, among them surprising drills, we identified what prevented me from feeling good in this job. I learned how to avoid getting stressed unnecessarily, and especially how to avoid taking on the stress of others. Additionally, David shared advice and thoughts to help me succeed in my role. He helped me become aware of my strengths and weaknesses while remaining secure. Very nice, easy going and sympathetic, he’s a real pro who masters his subject matter. You can feel he loves what he does, and the coaching sessions with him are good times where you can talk without anything holding you back. The changes were smooth, and almost without me realizing them. And, in situations of pressure, having the resources of an NLP drill is precious, like a good luck charm!"

  • Jean-Frédéric

    "David is like a genie. He helped me find the inner resources I already had but that I couldn't yet reach. Thanks to the work we've done together, I have been able to be myself and express my true potential in front of a professional jury that opened me the doors to enter ENA, the french elite school for high civil servants. I'm now a member of this elite group of the top executives for the City of Paris. This work also has me refocus on my core values. Those who shape my life, both personal and professional. But I know I will have new challenges to meet, and new levels to reach. Because what I learned with David is that I still have unearthed resources that I haven't yet found and dug out, simply because I I haven't yet needed them."




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